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Star Citizen Rover Daymar

Star Citizen 3.0 Evocati Refocus

This week Star Citizen's Burndown report revealed that only 26 bugs remain to be fixed before Alpha 3.0 is released to the Evocati. Let's take a look at how CIG smashed 50 bugs in just one week.

Published on: September 16, 2017
Star Citizen Surface Outpost

Star Citizen Gamescom Press Images

A collection of all of the images of Star Citizen 3.0 and Squadron 42 CIG released during their Gamescom 2017 event.

Published on: August 28, 2017
Star Citizen Gamescom Idris

An Overview of Star Citizen's 2017 Gamescom Presentation

On the 25th August, Chris Roberts presented a 2.5 hour presentation on Star Citizen which showed us a gameplay demo of Star Citizen 3.0 (plus a few 3.x features), and also some new information on the future of the RSI Installer and Spectrum.

Published on: August 26, 2017

About Star Citizen and Squadron 42

Star Citizen is a massivily multiplayer space sim, developed by Cloud Imperium Games and crowdfunded via the community. Squadron 42 is a singleplayer version of Star Citizen which is yet to be released.

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