An Overview of Star Citizen's 2017 Gamescom Presentation


  1. 1.  The Demo
  2. 2.  RSI Installer
  3. 3.  Faceware
  4. 4.  Conclusion

On the 25th August, Chris Roberts presented a 2.5 hour presentation on Star Citizen which showed us a gameplay demo of Star Citizen 3.0 (plus a few 3.x features), and also some new information on the future of the RSI Installer and Spectrum. A video of the full thing can be found below, followed by an overview of the whole event.

The Demo

Player 1 begins inside Levski. After meeting with Miles Eckhart, he gets given a mission to retrieve a black box from a derelict caterpillar on the moon of Daymar. Player 1 then meets with Player 2, and the CIG's Faceware partnership is announced and the new tech is shown off.

Afer gearing up at Levskis' shops, the players spawn a Ursa Rover go out the airlock to the garage to get it. They then drive it out of Levski and to a Constellation Aquila which is parked nearby. The Rover is then put on the cargo lift and stored inside the Aquila.

Player 3, the pilot of the Aquila, exits Delamar whilst showing off how it has changed. It now has many large asteroids floating close to it's surface.

The Aquila then Quantum Travels to Daymar (client crash here), and the players enter down through its atmosphere. They spot the derelict caterpillar and land nearby. Players 1 and 2 exit the Aquila in the Rover, scout through the derelict and retrieve the black box.

After picking it up and carrying it back into their rover, they're are ambushed by some pirates. The pirates first go after the Aquila because it's a vulnerable target as it's shields are down. They're successful as Player 3 and his Aquila explode.

Players 1 and 2 then use the comms from inside the Rover to video call for backup, all whilst dodging fire from the pirates.

Player 1 then open's the back doors of the Ursa and fires the railgun out of the back at a Cutlass which is close behind.

Backup arrives, consisting of some Gladius's and an Idris. They manage to destroy all of the pirates and secure the area.

The Idris lands and Players 1 and 2 attempt to drive into its cargo area. After the Rover and Player 2 are destroyed due to a clipping bug, Player 1 enters the Idris on foot and navigated to the Idris's bridge.

Chris pauses the demo whilst Player 2 respawns and joins Player 1 inside the Idris. The demo then resumes.

The players explain to the Idris's captain that they need to take the black box to Grimhex. However after warping to Yela they come face to face with a pirate Idris who's after the Caterpillars black box.

The Idris's then engage in combat. Ships fly out of both as a huge capital ship battle ensues. After some time, the pirate Idris explodes and the fighters fly back inside the Idris's cargo bay where the demo then ends.

RSI Launcher

During the presentation Chris told us that the RSI Launcher will be receiving an update for 3.0. The update will include the highly anticipated Delta Patcher, a new UI and also some early Spectrum integration.

The RSI Launchers installer itself has also been updated to allow it to automatically update itself when it needs to.


First-of-its-kind facial tech lets players animate their character’s face while playing the game. The new feature will track players’ facial expressions and movement, then reproduce them on their avatars in-game, allowing for the most immersive and realistic player-to-player communication.


Despite the crash and the odd few bugs, Star Citizen's Gamescom presentation was a huge success. The biggest demonstration during this demo was not any of the fancy gameplay, but rather what was going on behind the scenes.

Yes, that's right, server performance. Let's Talk: Star Citizen Gamescom Demo Performance goes into it in much more detail on the matter, however what we saw on the 25th was really something CIG should be immensely proud of.