Star Citizen: A New Players Guide

Last updated for Star Citizen 2.6.3

So, you're interested in becoming a Star Citizen, huh? Well, you're in luck. This page has been specifically designed to help guide you through the process and set you on your way.

Creating an Account (free)

Alright. First things first, you're going to need to create a free account. So to do that, head over to

Confused? Here's a description of what you'll need to put into each box:

Choosing your ship

Once you've created your account, you're going to need to buy a game package. A game package includes a ship and a copy of the game itself. To do this, head over to

Currently in Star Citizen there are two starter ships. The Aurora MR and the Mustang Alpha. It's recommended that when you first start off you purchase on of these two, as you can upgrade to any other ship later at no additional fee.

Aurora MR

The Aurora Marque is the more combat-ready version of the Aurora. It comes equipped with two M3A laser cannons — optionally enhanced with the OmniCool reduction bar, a high quality gun cooling system. It has a reasonably strong TR3 engine for its low weight. It can be used for interdiction.

Perhaps you're looking for something that offers carrying capacity (cargo storage) but has combat capabilities too? The Aurora MR comes with a pair of Behring-quality lasers and a high quality gun cooler system.

Mustang Alpha

The Mustang Alpha is a sleek, stylish spacecraft that uses ultralight alloys to push power ratios to the limits, albeit sometimes unsafely.

The Mustang Alpha is a sleek, stylish spacecraft that uses ultralight alloys to push power ratios to the limits, albeit sometimes unsafely.

Which Should You Choose?

Both ships are excellent, however in the current build of Star Citizen (2.6.3) most people would agree that the Aurora just about beats the Mustang, and here's why.

The first, and maybe not as important to you, is that it can carry two people. There is nothing the second player can do other than take a nap in the bed, but if you need a ship which can transport you and your friend, then it will do just fine.

However the biggest reason is the fact that it can carry cargo, which is currently a huge part of the game. Many of the missions require you to transport something from A to B, and the Mustang has no cargo room, meaning you wont be able to complete some of the missions.

Remember, everything you buy in Star Citizen with real money can be 'melted'. This means that you can turn any of your purchase back into site currency which can be used to purchase other ships.

Neither Of Those Catch Your Fancy?

It's highly recommended to get one of those two starter ships as you can upgrade to one of the many other ships at any time, however if you do decide that another ship will suit you better, you'll need to make sure that the ship comes with a game package, otherwise you won't be able to play. Think of it like buying a DLC when you don't own the base game

Take a look here in the game packages store to see all of the ships which come with game packages. Everything you see on this page comes with the game, so feel free to choose any.

Just keep in mind if you end up buying the wrong thing, you can always melt it back to store currency and get the right one for no additional fee.

Checkout our guide on how to melt ships for more information.

Buying Your Game Package

Once you've decided which ship is best for you, it's time to purchase it. This part is no different from any other. Add it to your cart, checkout and pay.

Adding SQ42

During checkout you'll be asked if you want to add Squadron 42 to your cart for a discounted price.

SQ42 is the single player campaign for Star Citizen, however it is not yet out (and it looks to be at least a year away despite what it says in its page).

If in the future you would like to buy SQ42, you can melt your package, repurchase it and this time select SQ42 during checkout to get it for a discounted price.

Downloading And Installing

Once you've purchased you're game package, head over to The first three items on the list should now be checked off.

Now you're now going to want to download the launcher (press the download installer button from the link above) and run it.

Once the installation of the installer has finished, go ahead and open that up. You'll be asked to login using login ID and password. Once you've signed in, click the big 'install' button. This make take a while due to the size of the game, however Star Citizen's new patcher should make easy work out of it.

Star Citizen: How to play

Once you've finished installing the latest version of Star Citizen, go ahead and launch it via the RSI Launcher. Once the game has booted up, you'll be greeted with Star Citizen's main menu.

You'll see three different options here. Universe, Star Marine, and Arena Commander. Here's a quick guide detailing all the basic information about each of the three gamemodes.


After you click on the Universe button you'll see you have a few more options. Crusader, Area 18 and also your hanger.


This is the mini-PU (Mini Persistent Universe). This is the main gamemode where most people spend their time when playing.

The Persistent Universe is full of content such as abandoned stations, mining outposts, outlaw bases and also explorable moons and planets.

When you first start off in the Persistent Universe, you'll spawn in Port Ollisar. After waking up, walk out of your room and find the stairs. Make your way into the center, towards the ship

terminals (a large hologram of a planet can be seen at the center).

Port Ollisar consists of 4 struts. A, B, C, and D. Each of them are identical, but you can spawn at any one of them. If you're trying to find a friend, make sure you let them know which one you're at!

How to spawn your ship

Below the large hologram of Crusader (the large gas giant which Port Ollisar is orbiting), you'll see 7 ship terminals. Ship terminals allow you to request/spawn in your ship.

Approach one and press F to interact with it. (F is usually the interaction key for everything) Select your ship and press 'Request Ship'. Make note of which pad your ship has spawned on (Don't worry if you forget it as there will also be a marker on your HUD telling you where your ship is).

How to find your ship.

Use the signs on the ceiling to help guide you towards your landing pad.

How to put on your space suit

You'll eventually come to a yellow airlock. Press F4 to enter into 3rd person mode. Before exiting the station, you need to check you're wearing a space suit (anything with a helmet). If you're not, approach the yellow locker next to the airlock and press F.

Now that you're all suited up, you're ready to leave the station. Go ahead and enter into the airlock. Cycle the airlock using the panel on the left. After the airlock has depressurized and the doors have opened, you are free to exit out of the airlock.

You've made it out of Port Ollisar, which means you're now in open space. Keep using the signs to help find your way towards your ship.

Once you've made it to your ship and spent some time admiring it, it's time to get inside of it.

How to get inside your ship

Every ship has a different way of getting inside, so for this part, you're on your own, but here are a few hints to help you if you get stuck.

How to fly

Now that you've made it into your ship, you're going to want to learn how to fly. This usually involves a lot of crashing, which in turn results in a lot of death.

After entering into your ships pilot seat, your ships systems will automatically turn on. When first learning to fly it's a good idea to stay away from stations, ships and any other obstacles which you can crash into.

Key Bindings

Here are all of the basic key bindings to help you get started with flying your ship.

Key Action
W / S Throttle Up / Down
A / D Strafe Left / Right
Space / Left Ctrl Strafe Up / Down
Q / R Roll Left / Right
B Open Quantum Travel Menu
Shift / X Afterburner / Space Break
Left / Right Mouse Buttons Fire Weapons
Middle Mouse Button Missile Lock / Fire
Z (toggle) Free Look
Camera Mode (toggle) F4
Seld Destruct (countdown) Right Alt + Backspace
Eject (not all ships) Right Alt + L
Leave seat / ship Hold F

Ship Insurance

If your ship explodes, you get it back for free! A common misconception about Star Citizen is that once your ship explodes, it's lost forever! This is however not true at all. Every ship comes with insurance, meaning you'll get your ship back after a short amount of time (usually under 5 minutes).

How to use Quantum Drive

Once you've gotten used to space flight, it's time to learn how to leave Port Ollisar. Press B to open up your list of destinations. Maneuver your ship so that it's pointing at one, and then press F to begin the Quantum jump.

Depending on where you chose to warp to, you may now be in danger. Spawn areas are 'armistice zones', which means that weapons are disabled. After you have left the armistice zone you risk being attacked.


There's one last thing you must know how to use. Your MobiGlas. The MobiGlas is a holographic computer which sits on your wrist. You can activate it by pressing F1.

From your Mobiglas you can do all sorts of things, but the function you'll be using the most is the missions app.

The missions app allows you to view and accept any current missions. After accepting a mission you'll be given instructions on what you need to do to complete it. After completion you'll be rewarded with aUEC which can currently be used to buy weapons and armour.

Area 18

Area18 is a commercial port which sells everything you can buy in Star Citizen. Currently Area 18 is just a shopping hub, which is undeniably pretty cool, however it's not something you need to visit often as every item found there can also be bought from inside Crusader.

How to get to Area 18

Currently Area 18 is not apart of the persistent universe, meaning it can only be accessed via the main menu. However with the introduction of planetary tech in Alpha 3.0, Area 18 is planned to soon be added into the persistent universe as a veritable location.

After selecting Area 18 from the menu, you'll spawn inside of an elevator. To get into the main area of Area 18, you'll need to pass through a security checkpoint. Immediately turn right when exiting the elevator and go through the two doors ahead.

There's really nothing more you need to know about Area 18. It's a fun place to explore and it looks graphically amazing, so it's defiantly worth a visit even with it's currently limited functionality.

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