Star Citizen 3.0 Evocati Refocus

This week Star Citizen's Burndown report revealed that only 26 bugs remain to be fixed before Alpha 3.0 is released to the Evocati. So, how did CIG smash 50 bugs in one week?

Well, they didn't. CIG refined the list of bugs to focus more on travel. Once they've managed to allow players to navigate around the verse without any crashes or major bugs, CIG wants to push a 3.0 build off to the Evocati.

So what does this mean for normal backers?

Once 3.0 has been released to the Evocati, the amount of must-fix bugs will spike dramatically, just as it did when the Gamescom booth demo was played by members of the public.

In the long run, this won't slow down development as the bugs found would have been discovered anyway, just at a later date.

When can we expect 3.0 to go to the Evocati?

Now that CIG have shifted their focus onto only a small section of the remaining bugs, we can expect progress to move a little bit faster.

Taking into account CIG's bug-fixing speed in the past, our unofficial estimate is for the start of October.