Star Citizen: How to access the PTU

Last updated for Star Citizen 2.6.3

Star Citizen's PTU (Public Test Universe) is a small replica environment of an upcoming live build, running the latest unfinished version of Star Citizen. PTU testers are a large group of players who've been given access to test out an upcoming Star Citizen release.

What do PTU testers do?

PTU testers play an early build of an upcoming Star Citizen alpha release in order to help find bugs. Once they've found a bug, it get's posted to Star Citizen's issue council where players can vote to confirm whether or not a bug exists and if it can be reproduced.

How can I become a PTU tester?

There are 3 methods which can help to make you a PTU Tester. This isn't an easy process and can take some time.

How do I know if I'm a PTU tester?

You'll need to wait for a Star Citizen build to enter into the PTU. If you've been selected, a PTU option will be available to you on the RSI Launcher.

Remember there are a few waves of PTU testers, starting with those who've helped test previous versions, and ending with new testers. To check if an upcoming Star Citizen build is in the PTU, check the latest Star Citizen Newsletter.

How can I access the PTU?

1. If you've been accepted as a PTU tester, you'll need to copy your account over to the PTU. To do this, head over to Go to your account settings via 'My RSI', 'Settings', 'Public Test Universe'. This will copy all of your accounts settings over to the PTU.

You'll receive a confirmation of this process via email and also a password which you'll need to use to login to the PTU version of RSI,

2. Open the Star Citizen launcher and click on the PTU tab.

3. If prompted, login with your account name and new password.

4. You can no go ahead and download and play the latest Star Citizen PTU build.

And that's everything you need to know about Star Citizen's PTU! See you in the verse!