Star Citizen: How to buy armour

Last updated for Star Citizen 2.6.3

Armour can play an important role in helping you survive in the verse, so it's a good idea to always pick a suitable set for your job. But first, you're going to need to learn how to try out and purchase different sets of armour.

There are many armour stores located around the verse. There's one in Port Ollisar, one in GrimHex and also one in Levski. Each of these stores sell different items. For example the GrimHex armour store only sells Outlaw armour, whereas the armour store located at Port Ollisar only sells UEE armour.

How to get to Area 18

Cubby Blast is a shop located in Area 18 which sells every type of armour. Every item that can be purchased in Star Citizen can be found at Area 18. Unfortunately, Area 18 hasn't yet been added into the Persistent Universe, but it can be accessed via the main menu.

How to find the armour store at Area 18

Once you've arrived at Area 18, exit the elevator and turn right. Go through the door ahead, passing through check-in area.

Now turn left. You should see a shop called 'Cubby Blast', the weapons and ammunition store. Enter into the store and you'll see every set of armour currently in Star Citizen. Cubby Blast also sells weapons.

How to inspect a set of armour

To inspect a set of armour, go up to it and select the 'Inspect' option with F. Press F again to exit.

How to purchase a set of armour

To purchase a set of armour, go up to it and select the 'Buy' option with F. Complete the checkout on your Mobiglas.

How to equip a set of armour

To equip the set of armour you just purchased, go up to it and select 'Equip'. You can go into third person mode (F4) to checkout how you look.

Will I lose my armour when I die?

No. You don't have to worry about repurchasing armour when you die, however this will change in the future.