Star Citizen: How to land

Last updated for Star Citizen 2.6.3

No matter how good you are at flying, you'll eventually need to land your ship. Whether it be on a planet, a station or even inside another space craft, you'll need to follow the same basic procedures each and every time.

Find a suitable spot to land

Take a quick look around the area you're in. If you're at a space station or an outpost there will be designated areas which you can choose to land at. However, if you're on a planet then you'll need to find an area of flat land big enough for your ship to comfortably sit in. Don't forget to make room for things like ramps!

Activate landing mode

Press N to activate landing mode and to deploy your landing gear. Landing mode limits your speed to 50, highlights any designated landing zones in range and also disables your weapons system, so it's a good idea to check for enemies before doing so. You can press Y to cycle through different landing pads.

Positioning your ship

Slowly maneuver over to the spot in which you want to land, making sure that you have enough room on each side. Nows the time to do a final check to make sure there are no bad guys around.

Landing your ship

Slowly lower your ship down to the ground (CTRL on a keyboard). If you go too fast you risk damaging your ship or even exploding. Your springy landing gear should help to absorb most of the shock, however it's best not to rely on it.

You are the most vulnerable at this point as your weapons are offline, your ship's engines are on (making you appear on any nearby ships radars), and you're on the ground. So once you're on the ground it's a good idea to turn you ships engines off and exit out of your vehicle. You can hold F to leave your seat.

That's it! You've landed! Here's a list of our other guides designed to help new Star Citizen's: Star Citizen Guides