Star Citizen: How to melt ships

Last updated for Star Citizen 2.6.3

Melting ships in Star Citizen allows you to turn your pledges back into store credit. You can then spend that store credit on something else, such as another ship.

How to melt a Star Citizen pledge

Step 1: Visit and sign in.

Step 2: Find the pledge which you wish to melt and click the triangle which is located on the right side of the 'Contains' heading.

Step 3: Click the 'Exchange for Store Credits' option. Make sure that you are receiving the right amount of store credit for your pledge (the same amount that you paid).

Step 4: Enter your password and click 'Reclaim'. The pledge will disappear from your account and store credit will be added.

Click here to learn how to use store credit as a payment method

Can I withdraw store credit?

There is no way to withdraw money from Star Citizen. If you wish to refund your pledge, please contact customer support.